Masonic Library and Museum Association

We are librarians, museum professionals, and Freemasons.

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We are librarians, museum professionals, and Freemasons dedicated to preserving the history, literature, archives, and material culture of Freemasonry. We do this in various ways, including both online resources and a yearly in-person meetings and symposiums.

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The mission of the Masonic Library & Museum Association is to assist and support, through education, facilitation of communication, coordination of effort, and other means, those individuals charged with the collection, management, and preservation of the Masonic heritage primarily in Canada and the United States of America


The MLMA are looking to find ways to stay relevant in your Library & Museum lives, as well as the lives of our Parent Grand Lodges and Masonic organizations. To that end, we will be starting a series of Video Get togethers (Teams or Zoom) to share our experiences with each other on a regular basis.

These will be on Sunday evenings and last about an hour - They could include talks by experts on subjects or just time for us to relax and chat together. We are also looking to increase our presence on Social Media, to get our face out to the public more! To make this most effective - we need YOUR help and support - What do YOU want to hear / chat about during these times? How can we get new faces and Libraries/Museums involved with the MLMA. Who should we target? Reach out to us and let us know!

Glenn Visscher
2023-2025 President

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MLMA 2023-2025 Officers L to R_Tyler Vanice, Dirk Hughes, Glenn Visscher, Eric Trosdahl

2023-2025 Officers

The organization held their Annual Meeting September 9th, 2023. At the meeting, the members elected the following members to serve two year terms:

President – Glenn T. Visscher
Vice President – Dirk Hughes
Secretary – Tyler E. Vanice
Treasurer – Eric J. Trosdahl