The mission of the Masonic Library & Museum Association is to assist and support, through education, facilitation of communication, coordination of effort, and other means, those individuals charged with the collection, management, and preservation of the Masonic heritage.


The MLMA was founded in 1995 by a group of Masonic librarians and museum directors to share their common experiences, interests and ideas. MLMA is an international organization of members who are Masonic library and museum professionals and volunteers, sharing a love of Masonic materials, research, libraries, and museums.

Joining the Family

If you are interested in Masonic libraries, Masonic museums, Masonic research, or any other aspect of Freemasonry that involves reading and learning, we would be happy to have you join us. Please see here for our membership application and dues structure [coming soon].

Note: Membership in the Masonic fraternity is not a requirement for MLMA membership, and membership in MLMA does not mean that one has a Masonic connection.


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