2019 Conference Presentations

From Detroit in 2019 — Agenda and Tentative ScheduleMinutes of 2018 — Reports: (i) President — (ii) Secretary — (iii) from Helge in Norway — (iv) AMMLA [our European counterpart]

Here we are in the Egyptian Lodge Room

PRESENTATIONS 2019 Cristiano Franceschini from Firenze, Italy had hoped to be present but that did not work. He sent along two videos that he would have presented to us. 1 — The story of his Museum of Masonic Symbolism [23 minutes] 2 — The story of Italian Freemasonry [12 minutes]

Dirk Hughes [Michigan Masonic Library]

Maureen Harper [Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library] 1– Caring for your Masonic treasures [pdf] 2– Materials we order [Excel] 3– Caring for your Masonic Treasures [pamphlet from SRMML]

Glenn Visscher [New Jersey Museum of Masonic Culture] “Starting From the Ground Up: Museum of Masonic Culture, Grand Lodge of New Jersey”

Thomas Hauder [PGM, Nebraska] Freemasonry and the Roman Catholic Church (i) as a Powerpoint or (ii) as a research paper Book he mentions: The Jacobite Lodge at Rome 1735-7