Masonic Library & Museum Association


The Masonic Library and Museum Association is the premier resource for establishing, building, and maintaining your collections. Our membership consists of library and museum professionals, Masonic organizations, Masonic collector’s, Lodge Officer’s entrusted with their collections, and those with a love of Freemasonry.

You and your organization can benefit from sharing ideas and questions with others charged with the care of Masonic collections. We believe that when you become a member of the MLMA you can not only benefit your library or museum but you also will gain greater credibility for your work through membership and participation. In addition, networking is an important part of growing your knowledge and avoiding costly mistakes in conservation and administration. MLMA provides both online resources and a yearly in-person meeting.

Have a question or problem you need help with? The MLMA maintains an active discussion group on our blogs and Facebook page where you can get help from our worldwide membership.

Note: Membership in the Masonic fraternity is not a requirement for MLMA membership, and membership in MLMA does not mean that one has a Masonic connection.

Annual Dues

If you prefer to pay by check, then you may fill out The Membership Application and mail it to: 

Cathy Giaimo, Secretary, MLMA
c/o Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
One Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2520


Elected Officers – Board of Directors (2019 – 2021)
President – Brian Rountree
Vice President – Tyler E. Vanice
Secretary – Cathy Giaimo
Treasurer – Eric J. Trosdahl

Coordinator for Great Britain – Roger Coles

Past Presidents
Brian Rountree 2017- 2019
Amiee Newel 2015- 2017
Adam Kendall 2013-2015
Mark Tabbert 2011-2013
Bill Krueger 2009-2011
Glenys Waldman 2007-2009
Dick Browning 2005-2007
Jim Dufresne 2001-2005
Paul M. Bessel 1999-2001
John H. Platt, Jr. 1995-1999

Honorary Members
Ed King
Brandy King